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A leading position in the Kazakhstan subsoil market through the provision of professional, high-quality engineering consultancy services and involvement in mining and energy projects at a national level.

Our resources and strengths give us a significant competitive advantage in our main objective of providing effective support to E&P projects, including structuring, organising and managing the project at all stages, and successfully resolving subsoil use issues throughout the life of the project.


The problem of human resources in the subsoil use is one of the most pressing problems because the value of specialists in this industry is determined not only by the skills they have acquired but also by their knowledge of the information they have accumulated and their ability to apply it.

Consideringthe existing problems, the specialists of our company have selected the most demanded areas in subsoil use and have developed training programmes on these areas.

The instructors at our training centre are current engineers with extensive practical experience in their fields. The high qualification of our staff enabled the development of training programmes that focus on practical aspects of theoretical material application, taking into account the latest trends in the industry.

The main objective of the training centre is to provide professionals with the knowledge and practical skills that will improve their position in the competitive labour market.

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    Workshops are held both individually and in groups (up to 20 people).


    ADVANCED COURSE (for geologists)

    ADVANCED COURSE (for mining engineers)

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