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A leading position in the Kazakhstan subsoil market through the provision of professional, high-quality engineering consultancy services and involvement in mining and energy projects at a national level.

Our resources and strengths give us a significant competitive advantage in our main objective of providing effective support to E&P projects, including structuring, organising and managing the project at all stages, and successfully resolving subsoil use issues throughout the life of the project.


Two Key provides advisory services on any type of subsoil use activity, from investment and financial management issues to market research and forecasting, business in general, and more.

Two Key offers a unique team of experts to clients looking for quick, high-quality, and tailored solutions to the challenges of the ever-changing subsoil use industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The team consists of exploration and mining professionals who have been discoverers of solid mineral deposits, held senior positions in government services and major Kazakhstan companies, headed the construction of mines and processing plants, and actively participated in Kazakhstan legislative work on taxes, subsoil use and environment, and acted as trusted advisers in tax financings and listing and IPO procedures.

A distinctive feature of the consultancy services provided is that the consultant works together with the client. In this way, the tasks can be solved quickly and with high quality, based on the input data provided.


  • Consultations on geology.
  • Consultations on mining issues.
  • Consultations on the environment and natural resource management.
  • Legal consultations on the application of current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of subsoil use.
  • Obtaining licenses for subsoil use.
  • Extension of a subsoil exploration and/or production contract.
  • Bringing subsoil use contracts into compliance with the current requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (amendments to subsoil use contracts).
  • Consultations on the issues of accounting and tax accounting of subsoil users.
  • Advice on selection and implementation of mining and geological systems for mining companies.
  • Research and forecasting of mineral markets.
  • Production asset risk management (HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA/FMECA, RBI).
  • Data management services (creating integration solutions for senior management).